Bermuda Triangle

Guys, today I’m going to tell you about the Bermuda Triangle, which we heard from when we were young. Much of what is said here is as mysterious as it was before. So let’s look at this briefly.

This is not a triangle that we can physically see. The Bermuda Triangle belongs to Miami, Puerto Rico and Bermuda. If a triangle joins the three points, the middle part is called the Bermuda Triangle. A lot of people know about this in a 1964 fiction magazine. This magazine is a hoax. Fake news and talk magazine. They were the first people to pass this name on. The first thing is that in 1900 an American warship went to Brazil. There are 300 of them. With these 300 men, the ship disappeared. No details about the ship have been found to date. No part of the ship was found. This is the first reported incident.

Then in 1945, five Avenger Aircrafts were lost in that area. Avenger Aircraft was a World War II air craft. This was mostly used for bombing. After the radio breaks their connection, they are gone. Two more aircraft have gone to find them. One of them has exploded in the same area. The other one has returned. The area is very scary with this incident.

But there are still flights over that area. Boats and ships travel through these areas. Also, many of the busiest seas and airways are located above the bermuda Triangle. But now there has been no such incident. There is no such report in the near future. When we were little, we thought that this might be related to alien life.  Another thing is that there is an expansion in the magnetic field. Therefore, something in the middle is pulling ships and everything missing. And nobody has said exactly the reason for this.

In addition, mathematicians on the concept of conjunction say that the Bermuda triangle has no problem. This means that today’s and today’s busiest seas and airways are located across the globe, increasing the likelihood of a crash inside the triangle. Maybe so. But the specialty of this place is that nothing can be found here. That’s the biggest problem here. What happened to those parts? It remains a mystery to everyone around the world today.

According to experts, a methane gas is located on the sea floor. Therefore, the volume of methane gas in the water decreases and the ship sinks to the bottom of the ocean. As they bubble up and go up in the air, an airplane in the air can catch fire and fall down.

The weather in that area is unimaginable. Suddenly, hurricanes start to fade in a short while. It has such unimaginable climate. Earthquakes occur and disappear instantly. The magnitude of these earthquakes disappears before the signal to the instruments being measured.

U.F.O theories say there is a blue hole in the sea. Blue hole is really something in the sea. They say there’s a wormhole inside this blue hole. They may be going back through time.  Otherwise they’ll go to another dimension. Because the toxic bacteria found in the blue hole in the world are 3.5 billion years old. With this in place, we feel that a wormhole is a place to time travel. So these are the brief about the Bermuda Triangle.

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