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The Witcher Netflix

Many people who see the post know what we’re talking about today. The TV series, like me, you have watched in your life. So today’s story is about The Witcher (TV series). It is released as a Netflix original series. Let’s get to the topic without too much talk.

How does The Witcher get into the world?

What first came to mind when you read The Witcher? Video game, right? But it’s not. Because this is first coming into the world as short stories and novels. The author is Andrzej Sapkowski. He’s a Polish guy. The essay period was around the mid-’80s. At the same time, these short stories and new stories come to people. Also released in 2007 is a video game series called The Witcher. With this, people around the world embrace the name The Witcher. The video game has sold over 35 million copies worldwide. And this video game still gets very high-quality comments. I don’t need to say. If you play games, you know this is a great game.

So the book and the video game are based on The Witcher (TV series). Ever since the TV series was announced, people have been interested in it. Their interest was further enhanced by the person chosen as the main character. So with all these facts, this story has just been uploaded to Netflix. I’m sure the viewers are already looking into this.

Simply about The Witcher.

I’ll start with the main character. The main character is Geralt of Rivia. He’s a genetically different person. With the characteristic of Central Europe, this story belongs to a fantasy epic. fantasy epic stories we’ve seen since childhood. Examples of such stories are Robin Hood, Game of Thrones, Da Vinci’s Demons. These stories are based on fantasy epic and the cult of Central Europe. These stories depict the characteristics of Central Europe with its clothing, environment, and weapons used. I personally prefer such stories. So I too waited for this series. All right, I’ll tell you the story.

The Witcher, Let’s Find out.

As I said, there’s a guy called Geralt of Rivia. He’s a genetically modified person. From things like magic. Witchcraft makes him a witcher. He has superhero powers that ordinary people don’t have. And he has a lot of extraordinary abilities. All he has to do is destroy the strange and terrible characters that are hurting people. He charges for it. People in the area give him money. Like a hired killer. So, this is the kind of story that goes on. That’s the main character. The character is then divided into different parts. The episodes in this story are just like the episodes in the game. If you play the game, you will see a lot of missions in this story. This story is also created around the themes of the game.


Let’s talk a little more, Henry Cavill plays Geralt of Rivia. Henry Cavill draws us to Clark Kent. That means Superman in character. But there are a lot of people who think this character suits him better than Superman. We usually say that Hugh Jackman matches the character of Logan. Now people are saying that Robert Downey Jr is the best Tony Stark character. Similarly, Henry Cavill is best suited to the character of the Rivia of Geralt. Personally I would like to see him chosen for this role.

There are many heart-warming characters, and this makes Yennefer stand out. There is a pretty ugly female character called Yennefer. She is a crucial factor in this story. I’m not saying how. I’ll only introduce these two characters, If you want more info on this, I urge you to watch The Witcher (TV series).

And need to say, at the end of episode one there’s a fight. I think it’s more technically done than Game of Thrones. It gets my maximum score. The fight has done a great job in this Witcher series. Netflix costs a lot of money for this series. This is why graphics, color grading, editing, soundtrack are of the highest quality. The Witcher is a great story, and yet, season 1 has just arrived. This is a story that can go a long way. Just like Game of Thrones.

This is a very interesting story. So I hope everyone watches it. A lot of the first shows eventually add up. So, decide for yourself. This is one of the most fascinating stories I’ve ever watched. This is the way I felt The Witcher.

So coming soon with a post like this. Correct any errors by comment. And good day to you.

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