America against Iran.

We know that countries that suffered the most from the First and Second World Wars are maintaining the Organization of the Nations to avoid a Third World War. But on several occasions, the warning of a third world war was intimidating to all the world. The US and North Korea hoped for war, but the two leaders worked to resolve the issue. For now, the crisis in the United States and the Gulf is a hot topic.

Is there a third world war?

How much will it hurt the world?

We’re talking about this today from The Pentagon has acknowledged that Major General Qasem Soleimani, the leader of the Iranian Revolutionary Army, was killed in an American missile strike. Iran has now said it will take revenge on what the US has done. But in response, US President Donald Trump has said that if Iran damages American property, it will hit 52 places simultaneously. The world knows that America is ahead of the military.

Trump, USA

However, after President Donald Trump’s warning, a US state web site was attacked by hackers. But America is a military front in the world. We have a problem saying Iran can win a war with such a US. It’s not going to be easy.

Will Iran seek revenge from America?

So let’s talk a little bit about what’s going on. It is now suspected that the United States, due to its military superiority, is likely to launch a suicide attack by Iran. It is also being revealed that a US ship could be targeted. But popular websites have reported that Iran’s military is still in its infancy. According to Iran, their target is the White House. They have announced that they will launch an attack on the White House in the United States. But we still don’t know-how. Iran suspects Israel has joined the US in the attack.

Iran says their regional countries are getting together for this. Iraq and Lebanon will ally with Iran if they do so. If that happens, those three countries will be able to influence pro-American Israel and anti-Iranian Saudi Arabia. I don’t think it’s going to be a big disaster. Because war with Israel is not easy. When it comes to the history of Israel, they are at the same time five Arab countries kneeling before their own land.

Ruhollah Khomeini, Iran

Let’s see how the American military is in the lead.

Let’s start with the population.

The US population is 325 million and Iran’s 78 million.

The US has the ability to spend fifty times as much as Iran’s security forces.

When Iran has 21 million warriors ready, America has three times that number.

The United States has powerful nuclear weapons and Iran has no nuclear weapons.

It is expected that the regional Muslim countries will support Iran, but British and French Prime Ministers have issued statements announcing their support for the US.

The peace-loving community of the world is now saying that Iran must be patient and that America should be more polite in its dealings with the world.

We are well aware of the disaster of the First and Second World Wars. Allthingstoday We wish with all heart that there will be no such destruction.

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