Joker’s character.

You probably already know what today’s article is about. Today is going to be about a film that the world is looking forward to these days. That’s the joker.

Who’s this joker?

The Joker character, as we know it, comes through the movies. That is through comic books. The joker is one of the main villains of the Batman character created by Dc. In fact, he is the main villain in Batman.

The origin stories we know of the Joker character are very different. The main story is that at the ACE Chemicals factory, the chemicals fall into the skin, the skin turns white and bleached. Later, man gets mad at his own image and joins in on those crimes.

Joker 2019

But this joker is different,

The film is directed by Todd Phillips. Another popular work of his is The Hangover. I hope you’ve watched those 3 movies. The first recommendation for this character was Leonardo DiCaprio. However, Leonardo was not given the role.

Meanwhile, Joaquin Phoenix, the talented actor, joins the cast. What we do know is that actors in Hollywood and Bollywood sacrifice their lives to do justice to their character. Meanwhile, the actor, Joaquin Phoenix, is too thin for the role, and he is working very hard to get the character’s tension.

Heath Ledger

2008 film Dark Knight. You may remember Heath Ledger’s amazing role in the film. Once he adapts to that character, he commits suicide. All the actors who have come to the role of joker have stated that they have felt some change. Now Joaquin Phoenix has seen a change in his character. This is a terrible Role. The audience believes that he deserves an Oscar for this role.

This story is based on 1981. That character is trying to be a standard comedian. Later, this character becomes very terrible. This is a standalone story. None of the previous DC films have this connection.

Personal opinion.

This is a weird kind of movie. Personally I have not been able to recover for two hours after seeing this. If you are stressful, this movie is not recommended for you. There is nothing less to say about Joaquin Phoenix’s acting. He plays his role so well. Also, the golden lion award is for the joker film. This belongs to a psychological thriller. So far this film has been recommended as a grade-A film. It’s a very good production.

So here’s the brief about Joker.

Joaquin Phoenix

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